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Frequently Asked Questions


Which WilliamsWarn brewing device is right for me?

We have two types of brewing devices available.

The BrewMaster™ range and the BrewKeg™ range.

The BrewMaster™ is your all-in-one device that will deliver fresh, carbonated, chilled ready-to-drink-beer dispensed direct from the device itself after 5-7 days. Of course, the beer or cider can be bottled or kegged, that’s up to you.  It comes as a stand-alone device and also one that is integrated into a benchtop cabinet. The BrewMaster™ is designed specifically to make 23 litres of beer or cider each time.

The BrewKeg™ range allows you to get going and scale as your needs grow.  Available in sizes that create 10, 25 or 50 litres of beer or cider, you can start with a single device and add another BrewKeg™, or additional dispensing kegs or a bottling device to enable you to brew and drink simultaneously.  The BrewKeg™ needs to be refrigerated for chilling and dispensing.  You can do this either in your own , ideally dedicated, fridge or utilise a Kegerator with built in beer font and taps for chilling and dispensing.

We have created some options, we call them Starter Packs and Complete Packs, that will allow you to get going at a size and budget that meets your needs.

There are a few different size options. How much beer do I want to brew?

In our BrewKeg™ range, we have options to allow you to brew 10 litres, 25 litres or 50 litres at a time. The size that is right for you will depend on your available space and desire to drink!  The BrewMaster™ is designed to make 23 litres of beer or cider.

To give you an idea, a commercial ‘slab’ or case of 24 bottles is typically about 9 litres in volume.

Once brewed, and if kept chilled, the beer will last for a long time.  Twelve months, comfortably.  Even at room temperature, your beer will last for months.  So you don’t need to drink it quickly (even though you’ll want to).


Can I add to my WilliamsWarn set up over time?


You certainly can!  You can start by brewing and dispensing from a single device if you wish.  Very quickly (we know this too well), you will want to be brewing your next beer whilst you are drinking your creation from the previous week.  If you start with a single brew device and want to grow, you can look at the following options:

  • Bottling – a counter-pressure bottle filler and bottles
  • Kegging – such as our 9.5l and 19l ‘corny’ kegs
  • another BrewKeg™ to allow you to brew from one and drink from the other at the same time.


What do I need to get started?


For our BrewMaster™ range you simply need the device itself, C02 gas and some accessories to help you clean your vessel, and create your recipes.  You will see we have Starter Pack and Complete Pack to help you get on your way.

Similarly, with the BrewKeg™ range, you will need

  • a BrewKeg™
  • a refrigerator and dispensing tap or an ready-to-go Kegerator
  • C02 gas bottle and connections
  • accessories to sanitise and clean your device