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    She says jump!
    You sheepishly reply, “How high Dear and can I come down now ?”.
    The WW is an excellent vessel for fast carbonation.
    You want a sparkling wine for her and her knife in the back, sticking group, that’s why we wear body armor, you have to have the drink ready for tomorrow.
    Insert 2 casks of “Chateau Cardboard”, said with a heavy French Accent of Lambrusco or a close equivalent, into the WW, drop the temperature to 1.0Deg.C.
    Add a bottle of Tawny Port, it ups the alcohol level and mellows the female hormones. Add several really, really, severe lugs of “Creme De Cacao liqueur. ( this is the passifier and makes the claws more retractable or maybe blunt)
    Add the lid to the WW, seal it firmly, and the sediment bottle to the bottom in case of accidents, pressurize to close to 3 BAR.

    Next day, using the bottler, too much pressure for the tap, you can pour an equivalent to a “Peter Lehman” sparkling red wine similar to A “Queen Adelaide Sparkling” at A$75 a bottle. Listen for the oohs and ayahs.

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