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    Scott L

    So I previously succeeded in making a ale in the brewkeg 10 as per williamswarn instructions in 4 days. I am now wondering if it can be done even sooner, mostly out of curiosity not out of my desire for slurping back some delicious beer even sooner.

    Ok, maybe a little…..

    Without having to measure the specific gravity would I be safe to say that fermentation has been achieved / completed once I see no more bubbles coming up from the sediment bottle? After two days I had one large bubble every 30 seconds or so coming up from the sediment bottle I would assume that this would mean fermentation has completed.

    What are your thoughts on what would happen at this point if I called and then did my clarification over the next 24 hours and then had beer ready on day 3 admittedly very late on day 3?

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