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    I’ve recently brought a BrewKeg25 and the first brew is great, however I want to get it out of the keg so I can brew another batch. The WW bottler is currently out of my price bracket so has anyone had any success bottling with a beer gun or anything other than the WW bottler? I tried a beer gun but it was foaming excessively, the beer is quite fizzy to start with. Any help on temp/pressure/technique would be greatly appreciated as I really want to get another brew down!


    Well, have you thought about transferring directly into Corny- or Sankey-Kegs ?

    Recently, Blichmann Engineering released their new BeerGun V2
    Looks like a marvellous tool for the job ?

    Regarding your foaming-issues:
    Excessive foaming is mostly caused by over-carbonated beer.
    Increase the length, or reduce the ∅ size of your beer-hose to reduce beer-pressure.
    Keep the beer and the bottles as cold as possible. (1º to 4º)
    The serving pressure for the BeerGun should be not more than 12-15 PSI max.


    Thanks alot for the advice, much appreciated. The beer was a bit too fizzy for my liking so I will reduce the pressure on the next brew and I will look at a longer hose to the beer gun.



    I’m having huge troubles with my williamswarn bottler not being able to get my flow without huge amounts a foam.
    I’ve checked all my attachments and no leaks seem to be coming from anywhere.
    Has anyone else had problems or can leans me any helpful advise?

    mark hagerty

    If you look on Ali Express and type in Beer Gun you’ll get lots of hits with free shipping and under $50 NZ

    mark hagerty

    I’ve had plenty of issues with the Counter Pressure filler so I switched to a beer gun. I still use the filler sometimes but I ended up building a stand for it so I could crank it over at 45 degrees so the beer didn’t hit the bottom of the bottle and start foaming. You could also try jamming a length of beer line into the mouth of the filler that would reach the bottom of the size bottle you are using, that way you would fill from the bottom of the bottle rather than from the top. Try that first and let me know if it work’s as I’ve only just thought of that!


    Stefan ~ before bottling turn the pressure of your WW up to 2 bar. You don’t have to worry about chilling bottles. I use the same length piece of tubing for all size bottles & have no problem with bottles foaming like i did before, it gets pretty frustrating! Just make sure the bottles aren’t filling too fast ~ 40 secs roughly for a 500 ml.

    Cheers Suds

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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