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    For that last two brews I’ve had real issues with the brew not clearing, or foaming. I’ve done many brews in my WW, and I haven’t changed my process.

    So – add wort, brew for 7 days till SG stops changing and sediment appears in bottle. The usual. Clear the bottle, add clarifier, and then the bottle goes sedimenty, no clear. Repeated clarification, or emptying the bottle, no improvement. There is foam in the clarifier injector side, so it looks like the beer is foaming.

    Two different batches of clarification agent. Gas is good. No obvious bubbling?

    Ideas? A leak?




    I’ve recently been using the Black Rock unhopped cans as a base and I’ve had to put clarification through four times instead of two. Seems to be alot more sediment than the WW cans as well.



    One of these was a non-WW kit, the other was from an All grain. I’ve used the All grain recipe before, and BEFORE I added the clarification agent it was separating. After, it’s all very cloudy. I’m guessing foaming, so after this one I’m going to go nuts cleaning the unit. Just in case. And have a look out the back.

    I did turn off the gas, that didn’t help so no obvious leak. And no puddles.



    I have been doing all grain in the WW Brewmaster for about a year now. two best practices that I have learned and I get clear wort and beer each time.
    1. with all grain, you must use a whirl floc tab! I use the grandfather and I made a few without whirl floc and they cam out cloudy. I put 1 full tab in with 10 min left in the boil.
    2. I transfer my wort into the WW after chilling and let it set for about an hour before I pitch my yeast. You will see a lot of trub and cold break settle into the sediment bottle. by about an hour, it all settles down and I have a clear line of wort. I bought an extra bottle to hydrate the yeast in while the trub is settling. that way, I can just swap bottles and be good to go.

    As far as the extract kit, make sure you really give it a good chill before the 1st clarification and maybe give it 24 hours of chilling instead of the 12 recommended.

    Hope that helps.




    All good advice and pretty much my standard process. About my 40th brew with this, and about 1/2 and 1/2 kit/all-grain. Last two brews the only ones to do this. I’ve had crystal clear beers consistently previously.

    I’ll do another brew, and see where I get to. I’m suspected way overcarbed, but that’s not consistent with any change in the pressure relief valve or co2 settings from my usual.

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