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    Has any one tried a cherry chocolate stout. Have tried it using real chocolate and caned cherries was good but looking to improve.


    I haven’t tried one but it’s on the list so I’d be interest in your recipe if you’d like to share.



    yea would love to share, we used a 10l brewkeg

    We used 1 can of black rock oatmeal stout LME, one can of cherries, 115g of dark chocolate, 250 grams of brown sugar.

    In your clean blender, purée the fruit, and set it aside to add later.

    Follow the instructions on the back of your Blackrock Oatmeal Stout can. I heated up some water and mixed in the chocolate and sugar until dissolved. I then cleaned out my brew keg as it cooled down. Poured in the LME and used a small amount of hot water to get the rest out of the can. Pour the pureed fruit, chocolate mix in and stir vigorously to mix well. Make volume up to 10 litres at a temperature at 25 degrees celcius.

    Used the yeast from the Blackrock can re-hydrated as per Williams Warn 30 sec, pleased the lid on and kept it at 25’C for 4 days. Chilled on the 4th day, after 12 hours clarified, had to empty the clarification bowl then filled it with foam before the second clarification. As per the Williams Warn instructions.

    Waited 24 hours then served.

    Hope you under stand this.


    Thanks for sharing, I had read a few different recipes on the internet and there were mixed views on adding real chocolate so I glad to hear it worked out. I think the beauty of the WW system is the quick turn around of the brew allows you to experiment with different flavours much easier than traditional home brew set-ups.


    Hi team

    Milk solids and butterfats are definitely no good for your beer they will create issues with head retention first and foremost.

    Consider cacao nibs, available from any reasonable health food store, added post fermentation. Add them in little hop bag directly into the fermenter and reapply some gas into the BrewKeg or BrewMaster head space after closing to remove oxygen/air.

    Importantly, soak your cacao nibs in a neutral alcohol (like vodka). It really doesnt matter if a little vodka finds its way into the the beer. I have used a good rum or whiskey for the same purpose in a stout before and added about 100ml into a BrewKeg10. (equates to an alcohol increase of 0.4 and can be less if you drain after sanitising).

    Cacao is very bitter so consider also adding maybe half to one vanilla bean per 10 litre batch as it really smooths out the flavour of the chocolate. With the vanilla, slice it open, scrape out all of the seeds, cut up the bean into one inch legnths and put the lot into the hop bag with the cacao nibs

    Try 50g of cacao nibs to start (BrewKeg10) scale up as appropriate.

    I leave the ingredients in the hop bag for the duration of the drinking. I did 50 litres of something similar at Christmas time and it was March before it was finished. All good!

    cacao nibs, something like this
    cherries, consider these. awesome taste and good to go into fermenter post fermentation (also sanitise with a good soak in vodka with everything else)



    Does anyone tried cannabis chocolate stout? cannabis butter/oil is very popular right now. I read that Medical marijuana is a very old medicinal herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat a great variety of ailments. Cannabinoids, have been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anxiety reducing properties that have helped a great deal in several illnesses. if someone can teach me how to create an infused cannabis chocolate stout. I highly appreciated all your help. Thanks!

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