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    Can someone help please, first brew down. Took 5 days to ferment and all appears normal.
    I have watch the video and it suggests 24 hours of chilling prior to add clarification agent yet the manual suggests 6 hours.
    Keen for a beer but I don’t want to get it wrong.
    Cheers Scott

    justin wiki

    Well, the video is normally the more up to date instruction,
    But yes I’d normally do 18-24 hours for first clarification then about 12 hours later for second,if all goes well you should have 3 distinct layers in your clarification bottle.
    Hope you enjoy your beer

    Dave Huzziff

    I clarify as soon as it gets cold, sometimes I even do it when it’s warm, doesn’t seem to make any difference.
    Cheers Dave


    The first beer I put down was a Pilsner, with a 100gms of Crita hops.
    I couldn’t help myself and had a glass as soon as chilled but before clarification.
    Firstly there was no weird after taste, but I like a beer with a bigger punch.
    Going to have to read more before my next brew.


    Just a follow up, before first clarification I emptied bottle as it appears very full.
    After the second clarification the bottle is completely full.
    Does that sound like a lot of sediment ??



    Hi guys
    I put my first brew down and am at the clarification stage.

    I ensured gas pressure was set higher than keg pressure but when I connected the gas the agent did not transfer.

    The cylinder however was pressurised and when I pushed the release valve on the black connection plug no liquid came out.

    I checked the hose connection to the cylinder and tried again and same thing. It’s like there is a blockage between the cylinder where the agent sits in and the connection to the hose.

    Anybody know what I need to do ?



    same thing happened to me…. any ideas ????

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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