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    I have just placed my order for the WW machine and due to the poor quality of the local town water supply ( Central QLD ) I was wondering if you could use Distilled Water?

    I have a 16l Divine Water Distiller that I use for our drinking water… would this be ok to use?


    Hi Bruiserbbq,

    Congratulations on purchasing a WilliamsWarn Personal brewery and great to see you have already joined our forum. May I ask who you purchased your brewery from? Is a new one from Harvey Norman or did you purchase a second hand unit? Flick me an email at

    Basically in terms of water quality, we go by the rule if you can drink it then you can brew with it. So from what it sounds like don’t use the town water supply and using distilled water will be fine.



    Great news….thanks Patrick… sent.

    Cheers Mark


    Hi bruiserbbq and welcome to the wonderful world of beer making with WilliamsWarn kit.

    As for water… back in NZ I used the local town supply for all my brews and only rarely had a problem with it, the worst was with one of my NZ Pale Ales that I submitted into a WilliamsWarn competition caused by the chlorination of the tap “town supply” water.

    Depending on what type of beer you are making you may want to try using your local tap water, you’ll have to do some research and reading and a bit of trial and error to work it out.

    If you are using distilled water then you may want to look at adding minerals/salts to the wort to “Burtonise” your water (like that found in Burton upon Trent in the UK), unless you are making a Pilsner lager in which case you might want very soft water.
    These minerals/salts are available from most home brew shops in store or online.

    And I just took a look at the this page about the Devine Water Distiller, if your tap water is as brown as that pictured then I say good luck!



    Thanks for your reply Josh…..see this link to get an idea of our local water quality issues.

    Our water quality has improved since then…but I just wondered if distilled water was ok to use.

    I might add some of this “yeast nutrient”…..

    with the distilled water when I make my first WW brew.

    Cheers Mark

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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