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    I did wonder if we should have a ‘Fail’ section on this forum, something to let others know if or how something went wrong.
    So let me kick off with this.
    I’ve been a fan of the Boundary Road ‘Lawn Ranger’ for a while so I thought I’d have a go at recreating it. I bought a cheep Mexican style beer kit from the supermarket and a bag of their DME to go with it. That’s the easy bit, how to get the lemon essence was the next thing. I had a good crop of lemons on my trees this year so I zested a few of them until I had a good handful and just chucked it in before sealing the lid, easy as!
    Every time a adjusted the valve to let a bit of gas out it smelt great, bursting with lemoney goodness.
    It took a while to clear and when trying to get a sample to test the SG I blocked the beer line with lemon rind…
    Come bottling day I was quite excited, right up until the point where I tasted it, it didn’t taste of lemon at all, was unusually flat, in fact it didn’t really have any taste. It did do quite a good job of cleaning the drive though..
    I mentioned this at the homebrew master class at Beervana last weekend and the guy from Liberty Brewing told me as I have a WilliamsWarn I should have just blown some Roses Lime Cordial through the clarification port, just like the big breweries do!
    Naturally I don’t want to be like the big breweries, I want to be innovative and original, although for this one if I try it again, the Roses will be coming out!!


    I wonder if you lost all the citrus aroma during fermentation – driven off with the CO2. This can happen with dry-hopping too early.

    Maybe you could add the lemon peel once the SG gets down to about 1.015 or so and let it sit for a few days warm prior to cooling.

    Also the clarification pot is good idea but you just have to make sure the line is properly cleaned out afterwards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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