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    exeter brewing

    We recently brewed a WW American Lager at the recommended temps and pressure, and all went well until we drank it. The taste was fine, there was good bubbles in the beer when poured, but the head lasted a very short time and then the beer tasted a bit flat. Any clues?



    I’ve got the same problem – great carbonation but no head?? although a did move the brewkeg10 from home to work by car (50k) before I clarified it? as I am about to show it off to my mates at the office – which is not ideal 🙁

    Interestingly the flavor is a bit on the low side compared to the last 10 batches, and it is the same for the premium lager and IPA (2×10)

    Made sure I used only 20ml then 10ml when clarifying.

    It works fine, I’ve just had a glass of each and it’s gone straight to my head, but it is 9am



    I used to mash 200gms of wheat malt when doing the lager. Helped get a bigger head.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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