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    Has any one made a partial mash using the William Warn to make a Guinness? I am trying to find one and try it with a nitro kit.


    There is a Guinness type WW recipe. Otherwise, if you want to go more from scratch, see below (from the book Clone Brews). It’s a 19.5L recipe so will need to be scaled.

    OG 1.044-1.045
    FG 1.010-1.011
    IBU 40
    SRM 54
    ABV 4.2%

    Steep in 4L @ 66 degrees for 30min
    340g Roasted Barley
    113g 55L Crystal Malt
    113g Flaked Barley
    85g Acid Malt

    Strain and sparge with 2L of 66degree water. Add water to get to 6L, boil and add

    1.8kg of light malt syrup
    0.75kg Light DME

    Add water so brew pot is 9.5L.

    Once boiling
    45min addition
    28g Target @ 8.5%AA
    14g East Kent Goldigs @ 5%AA

    Cool and add water to 19.5L

    Yeast pitched at 21 degrees
    Irish or British Ale

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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