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    If you’ve made a good ginger beer, please share the ingredients and method. Cheers. Ian


    From a kit or from scratch?




    I would like to know to?? 😉


    I made one using a Morgans Ginger beer extract kit as the base. I added a bottle of Buderims Ginger Refresher, 1 kg of raw sugar and 250g of golden syrup. I also added 200g of fresh ginger that I boiled for 15mins with 10 HOT chillies. I wanted to make it pretty sweet a bit like a Bundaberg Ginger Beer, and it was definitely sweet! I also wanted it to have a bit of bite and the chillies and fresh ginger gave it plenty.
    If I was making it again I would use maybe 500g of raw sugar and 500g of white sugar to make it a bit drier rather than super sweet, I would also add a couple of extra chillies just because I love the burn!!

    394 in brianza

    Looking for some help here.
    I’m going to make up a batch of Cooper’s Ginger Beer …. should I add a bag of WW’s dry malt?

    brent stephenson

    I made a Ginger Beer (Copper Tun) and used some of Timbo’s advice.

    Used the Copper Tun kit (but not the artificial sweetener) I added 1kg of Coopers Brew Enhancer Dextrose, plus 500gms of golden syrup added at the start. Also took 200gms of fresh ginger peeled, chopped finely and boiled for roughly 30min with 12 small hot chillies chopped also. Left to stand for another 20min or so, then strained and added the liquid directly to the fermenter, and washed the ginger/chilli chunks twice with cold water directly into the fermenter (then discarded the material). I used the yeast from the kit and added to the sediment bottle as per normal. Filled WW up to 23L mark and set temp set to 24deg, I should have probably gone lower based on the fact I was then away and couldn’t turn down until 10 days later. On evening of 9th day I added the ginger essence sachet through the clarification pot, bubbling right through and rinsing pot twice, left temp at 24deg. Evening of the 10th day I chilled to 1deg. Evening of 11th day added 30ml clarification agent as normal, but no need to remove sediment bottle.

    Resulting brew has great flavour (could go one or two more chillis) but very dry, no sweetness left due to length of ferment. However, I just add a little brown sugar on drinking and it is really nice – I never used the artificial sweetener provided as I can’t stand the stuff. Even after clarification there was not need to remove the sediment bottle, just closed the valve when I bottled.

    If doing it again, I’d do at lower temp for a little shorter and probably chill a little earlier to retain a little sweetness. Adding a bit more dextrose at the start might help up the alcohol and maintain sugar levels a bit more.



    Hi Ian

    I have made a ginger beer from scratch

    20 Lt water
    2 kg fresh ginger grated
    2 lemons washed and chopped
    6 cloves
    2 cinnamon stick
    3 kg sugar

    1 sachet cider yeast

    Boil together for 20 minutes and let stand to cool, strain and add to williamswarn, add yeast
    Fermented at 22 C for 5 days. Didnt measure SG as hydrometer was broken

    Was pretty spicy from the ginger, bottled and let mature for 2 weeks.


    Wow. Let us know how it turns out. You might want to check the SG with a new hydrometer as the cider yeast may not have fermented all the way without some nutrient to give proteins. Was it sweet or fermented out? Next time try our yeast nutrient (1 sachet) with Fermentis S-04 (1 sachet).


    Keen to try that fresh recipe. We have ginger growing like a weed next to our driveway and always wonder what to do with it all.

    Elliot Pollard

    After a discussion with Ian, I suggested making a ginger beer using the summer ale kit as a base, and adding ginger. he suggested adding 200 grams of minced ginger steeped in boiled water and added to the kit. the result was a nice medium ginger hit that’s not to sweet or dry, the family has ordered another brew.


    Several of the recipes offered here are geared to the “hot or fiery” taste profile of ginger, but my experience is with the aromatic quality of ginger. My recipe is a modification of the 4 barrel recipe I used when I operated a commercial microbrew called “Clamtown Brewery” in 1995 in Ipswich, MA, USA. I have the recipe in the WW Microsoft Excel format but cannot figure out how to post the link in this forum. If you email me at I will send the file to you as an attachment.



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