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    I just got a WW Bottler and bottled my first 4 brews with this from a corny keg. I watched the video and setup the system following everything according to all the instructions. But, I’ve opened a couple bottles so far and find them to be a bit under carbed. Not so bad they are flat, but when poured normally I see very little to no head which dissipates very quickly. I do see co2 bubbles in the glass, but this it’s only a small amount in comparison to a commercial beer. So, I could use some troubleshooting help from WW and Forum members. Also, sorry for the American units. I tried to convert where needed so this is easier to troubleshoot for others.

    What was bottled: 1/2 keg of IPA, 3/4 keg of Pale Ale, 1/2 keg of Stout, 1/2 keg of Barley Wine
    PSI in the corny keg: 10 PSI (0.69 Bar)
    Fridge Temp: 38F (3.3C), temp checked with a Thermapen and a bottle of water and found to be 39F

    Kegs were taken out of the fridge individually while bottling while others stayed in the fridge and minimize the beer warming up. The kegs were brought into room temp of 70F (21C) and bottled into 22oz (650 ml) bottles at a rate of about 55-60 seconds, so I think this translates well to the recommendation of 45 sec for a 500 ml bottle (or about 11 ml/sec). I flushed the bottle with CO2 ahead of filling and heard the hiss of CO2 escape the bottle for about 5-8 sec and faintly during filling with only a 1/16” (1-2 mm) amount of foam as it was filling. All of the bottles were sanitized and at room temp.

    1. Is the fridge temp too high for the kegs and it warmed up too fast while bottling (maybe 15-20 min)
    2. Am I assuming the 10 PSI is too low even if it’s right in the middle of the green carbonation chart and I’m losing some PSI during the process causing the actual pressure going into the bottle to drop to 8 or even 6 PSI?
    3. Do the bottles need to be colder?
    4. Is it a combo of a few of these or is there anything else I could be missing?

    Many thanks for everyone’s help.

    BTW – The bottler is an awesome machine! I spilled less than a tablespoon of beer over 4 kegs and was more my fault of removing the beer too quickly and letting the filler tube flick beer everywhere or taking too long to put the next bottle in the filler and the fill tube started to drain some of it’s contents.


    Looks like you are doing nearly everything correctly,
    and have already found all your solutions ?

    Increase your keg-carbonation-levels slightly to about 1.2 bar / 15 PSI.
    Keep everything, including the bottles, as cold as possible, and you’re ready to go.

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