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    Sharon Macdonald

    Hi I am fairly new to brewing and I purchased the Kegerator and Brewkeg 10 about 18 months ago so farI have gone through about 6 gas bottle refills. Is this normal? as a friend of mine has had there Kegeratorfor about the same amount of time and are still on there same one gas bottle I brew a beer about once a month
    Your knowledge and information would be much appreciated
    Thank you sharon


    Dave Huzziff

    I only go through about 1 bottle every 20 to 30 brews, do you turn your bottle off when you don’t need it? and make sure the bottle regulator pressure is set below your vpr pressure.



    you probably have a leak somewhere , one bottle per 20 brews would be normal.


    Sharon Macdonald

    Hi Thanks very much I will pay more attention on my next brew I have checked for leaks and I couldnt find any so I will check my VPR

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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