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    Andy Donald

    Apologies for the double post, I didn’t notice the recipes section when I originally put this up.

    I’d love to hear from people experimenting with making the stock cider more interesting, nice as it is.

    At least half my brews are cider, and I’ve been experimenting with the acidity and tannin structure.

    I’ve used malic acid, in the order of 1-2g/L, to bring the pH down to 3.4-3.6.

    Also 1-2 cups strong black tea to add tannin structure, and the juice of half a lemon for some citric acid and aroma. The commercial powdered tannin (from some sort of nut I think) really didn’t taste good, but I think was intended for home brew wine.

    The finished product doesn’t taste or smell of tea or lemon, but is definitely more complex, and I suspect the acidity contributes to a different flavour profile also.

    Fermenting down to 1.008 with the above tastes very dry, and the apple notes seem diminished by this. 1.010 was more palatable at the lower pH, but I guess this is a matter of preference.

    Ian and Anders – are there other, ‘scrumpier’ cider kits planned for the product line? Maybe single apple varieties from true cider apples, which I’m sure are available in NZ?

    Thanks all, looking forward to the ideas.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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