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    Luke Birmingham

    I’ve been using a BrewMaster for the last 18 months.

    I’ve finished about 15 brews:

    – only 2 have finished up as a 7/10 (no other flavours)
    – most have had a strong metallic flavour, and a ripe smell
    – a few have had the metallic taste but been just drinkable (usually throw out the last few litres)

    I clean, sanitise and completed a thorough sanitising clean, more than once…and still get this metalic taste
    I’ve gone through plenty of WW product taking note of the use by dates… even the newest product has the same results
    I’ve changed water supply, and even used purified water… same result.

    I would love for someone to tell me that I’m not cleaning it well enough…because then it would be a fairly straight forward issue to solve!

    I’ve read some blogs that suggest a metallic taste usually comes from something metal, but the machine is as per the factory.

    I just brewed a Summer Ale and that horrid taste is back to haunt me. Help!



    As far as I know, the BrewMaster is entirely build from Stainless Steel…
    Apart from knobs, lids, seals, sediment bottles etc.
    As you have already changed water supply, there should be no metal taste whatsoever.

    Personally, I am using the BrewKeg and have never encountered any metal flavours.

    What is the taste like ? Biting on a peace of aluminium-foil ? Or eating a penny ?

    Stainless Steel is seen as the best component in brewing and the best insurance
    against metallic flavours.

    I presume the LME’s in the WilliamsWarn BrewKits, are still coming in Metal Tins ?
    Hope those LME’s are not contaminated ?

    Just to make sure, try some LME in plastic containers, like Briess Malt etc.
    Or, brew some All-Grain-Beer.

    If you still have metal flavours, you might better contact WilliamsWarn.



    In addition.
    Are you using Star San in high concentration without rinsing ?
    If so, next time use the recommended concentration and do proper rinsing.

    Do you bottle condition ? Use kegs ? Drink direct from the BrewMaster ?

    How old is your Hops ?


    Luke Birmingham

    Hi Nolan,

    Thanks for the post reply.

    I reckon the WW LME tins should be fine, or I suspect this forum would be filled with similar posts to mine.

    But the taste is much like tin, or eating a penny. The beer is a good colour, well carbonated but the after taste is hard to ignore.

    I didn’t use any additional hops for the last failed brew (which is now down the sink) … I didn’t want to complicate the flavours whilst trying to pin point the actual off flavour that keeps developing.

    I drink straight from the BrewMaster draft tap, but I reckon I can almost tell prior to tasting that the brew is infected because of the over-ripe aroma that comes out of the vpr when making adjustments. (I’ve had enough failed brews to be familiar with that smell)

    I normally use the no-rinse sanitiser from WW. The crew at WW have also just sent me some pictures and info about additional line cleaning.

    So next step for me is doing a deep clean and then see what the results are. Failing that I think I’ll try some of the different LME’s that you’ve suggested.

    I’ll post back and update the result!



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    Hi Luke,

    Hopefully you’ve sorted out your metallic taste issue but if not……. I had the same issue with my Brewmaster when I purchased it, after contacting williamswarn and trying all their suggestions with no luck, I happened to remove the VPRV and noticed that the plunger is actually made of brass and not stainless. This part had been in contact with a vigorous fermentation and had turned a green like the colour that copper turns when it ages. I suspected that maybe this was the problem and cleaned and polished this part back to its brass colour with scotch rite and hey presto, no more metallic tasting beer. I’m guessing that during vignerons fermentation sometimes beer can find its way up the VPRV and contaminate this part. I believe it should be made of stainless steel like the rest of the machine but that’s just my thoughts.
    Anyway if your still having troubles give this a try and let me know how you get on. Happy Brewing!




    I didn’t see water mentioned in the thread. When I’ve had problems with metallic flavors, it’s been my water. Either iron or (less obviously and more likely) chorine/chloramine seems to create a metallic flavor. I now filter all water used with a carbon filter and also add a small amount of sodium (or potassium) metabisulphite to neutralize the remaining cloramines in my city water. But be careful: Too much metabisulphite will create a sulphur smell in the beer.


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