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    roger mellie

    Haven’t been been making a lot of beer of late – but 3 beers I made for Xmas and the latest Pilsener I have made I have followed a simple method that I think makes the WW experience all that much better. (By better I mean less wastage)

    Don’t get me wrong – the single (or sometimes double) sediment pot dump and clarification agent addition works well – very well.

    The last 3 brews however – I have tried to keep as much break matter out of the fermenter – and simply fermented for 1 week – chilled for 4 days and racked off to a keg through a 1 micron filter.

    The only trick is to make sure that the keg and filter is all at the same pressure and that there has been ample CO2 purging. I work on about 1 Bar so the filter has to be a good quality one (mine is)

    So the procedure is

    1. Make Beer – try and keep as much break material out of the fermenter (good kettle fining agent/whilrpool)
    2. Wait 1 week or until you beer has finished
    3. Chill to 1 Deg C – for at least 4 days
    4. Irrespective of whether the beer line in the filter is visible or not close the dump valve
    5. Drop pressure in the fermenter to 1 BarG – Hook up CO2 with regulator at 1 Bar
    6. Connect filter to the CO2 port and purge
    7. Connect the Keg to the CO2 port and purge
    8. Connect purged Filter/Keg and pressurise
    9. Fill Filter and invert
    10. Start beer flow by depressing the keg to create a slight difference in pressure
    11. Transfer of 23 litres should take about 20 mins


    1. Filtering is always a good thing – you end up with very bright beer
    2. Less waste
    3. Less process
    4. If you get the timing right – dumping another brew on top of the yeast from the previous brew is really simple


    You have to wait 10 days for the beer to be ready to drink


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