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    I really like Nottingham yeast compared to most others, I have now made several brews using this yeast and its fantastic. Lag time is usually less than 10 hrs sometimes as fast as 3 hrs. I ferment this yeast in WW at 25 degrees to maximise and reduce fermentation time. Usually fermentation in complete in 50-60 hours from pitching yeast. I have not experienced any off flavours and the brews tastes fabulous. I have now adopted this as my main yeast for ales, I’m still experimenting with lager yeasts to find one I really like. I have used MJ M54 California Lager before with really good results.

    If you have experiences using Nottingham good and bad I would really like to hear about them.


    I used this in the Irish Red Ale a few weeks ago. Have used it before (pre Brewkeg10 days)and hadn’t had any problems. This time there was a strong sulphur smell.

    I did some digging and others had had this problem before but it didn’t seem to be a typical trait. Thought therefore there might be a sanitation issue which was disappointing.

    In the end I had a sample and found the taste was fine but still had the aroma.

    I ended up bottling and leaving two weeks and there now is no sign of it. Better with age – Happy I didn’t dump!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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