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    Aidan Hill

    Anyone done one of these beers before and got a good clone using the WWs?

    Keen to hear if anyone has tried it.

    Aidan Hill

    I did try a clone with crushed grain but it was certainly a long day. So no one tried one just using extract malt and hops for the WW system?


    Hi Hilly

    Wagon Brewing do a Super Charger Clone recipe with extract option that you could adapt. Haven’t tried it but it’s in the list.


    Aidan Hill

    Yeah that was the one I used, the Wagon Brewing one. You needed so much more equipment to do it, pots and pans etc for the grains, sparging etc.

    I was looking for someone who has done it using the Williamswarne.


    Hi Hilly

    I’m sure you will get a tasty beer using that recipe and adapting – similar hops in a hop tea and dry hopping using the WW American pale ale as a base

    To get something closer It’s inevitable you will need to use a few pots in the kitchen as the WW kit is around 30IBU and the beer is over 50IBU from what I can see.

    I’m keen to know how you go as this will be one of my next ones also. Let us know.


    Hi Hilly , I did the wagon recipe a while ago using extract & grain, brought the kit off them. It turned out well, but the only problem I found was the amount of hops in the dry hop.I put them in the sediment bottle & added boiling water, but it turned to glug & I dont think I realy got the full flavour thru the brew. May have been better to have lifted the lid & put in that way with a hop bag, pingpong ball n marble to make it float, but a slight risk of infection doing that. I did get the bigger sediment bottle from the 50L brewkeg which is great when doing beers which produce more sediment, you can just unscrew the bung at the bottom to let sedi out at the end until you can see the clear beer. Cheers Suds

    Aidan Hill

    @Suds, I did the Wagon recipe in my mates WW Brewmaster and we ended up dumping it! Big haze, tasted ok but I don’t think the yeast worked, told Wagon but they could only offer 10% off next purchase, so $75 down the drain, literally.


    Bugga ~ what was the FG? I’ve had some with lots of hops in them & have been hazy, but like yours still taste fine. Most seem to clear over time though.

    Aidan Hill

    Whats FG? We had it fermenting for 7 days, tasted it, then left it for another 3 days, still no good. Even tried increasing the temperature a little after speaking with Brewers Coop and doing another clarification. Still had loads of bits in it, so had to dump it.. $75 down the drain.


    FG is final gravity of the beer ~ the reading you do with the hydrometer. OG is the start gravity of the wort before you put the yeast in. Heres a link which tells you a bit about it & a calculator for working out the alcohol content. I’ve just started doing allgrain & the last one started to ferment then stopped, bad yeast maybe so I took the top off & threw another packet in. It has started fermenting again but quite slow. Time will tell!


    As an update I had a look at the Wagon recipe and tried to scale down for a BK10. Not an exact scale down but tried to do it in a way that there were no half open tins of extract.

    Panhead Super Charger (Attempt 1)
    OG – 1.057
    FG – 1.010
    ABV – 6.15%
    IBU – 56

    1.7kg Black Rock Amber LME
    350g Light DME

    Steeping Malts
    150g Toffee @ 65 degrees in 2L of water for 30min

    Hops (60 min boin in 2L of water)

    7g Simcoe 13AA @ 60min
    7g Centennial 8.5AA @ 30min to go
    14g Simcoe 10min to go
    7g Centennial @ 10min to go
    21g of Centennial @ 1min to go
    21g of Citra 13.9AA @ 1 min to go

    Dry hop – from start of fermentation
    49g Citra
    35g Simcoe
    35g Centennial

    Yeast: Safale US-05

    Pitched around 24 degrees
    Ferment @ 19 degrees

    Day 4 raise to 22 degrees
    Day 6 Dump Sediment Bottle and fill with foam from tap and reattach. Open butterfly valve for remaining hops and yeast sediment.

    Day 7 Cold crash

    As expected his is a very ‘hop forward’ beer. While I didn’t do a side by side test, from memory it was close to what I was expecting (in saying this the human memory is terribly unreliable). I would probably cut back the dry hopping if I did again.

    Using WW American Pale Ale Kit (BK10)
    Perhaps try boiling the following hops:
    7g Centennial for 30min
    14g Simcoe for 10min

    This should ad about 24 IBU so on top of the 30IBU in the WW kit, you should be on the right track.
    Dry hop as above.
    You may also want to add some more DME to get the ABV up
    Play around with this on the WW Recipe creator excel download

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    Aidan Hill

    So have to now done 2 attempts at it Brendos?


    Hi Hilly
    No just the one attempt. So many more different ones to brew but will go back and do again as I still have the same hops.


    I’m posting here as I’ve just read the facebook post from Sean of the WW supercharger clone.I’m looking forward to giving it a go in the next week or 2 but I have a couple of questions about the facebook posted recipe.
    I’m very new to home brewing anyway so using grains already is a bit daunting.
    Could someone take the time to explain the grain bit? I’ve ordered ground grain, so that’s done, and I’m comfortable with the steeping bit but when it says
    ” strain grains liquid and sparge with 1 litres of water @ 80 degrees C”
    I’m a bit confused. Any explanation is greatly appreciated.
    Then …. dry hopping. Would it be possible to use dry hopping method “A” as I have done in the past and either do it after first clarification and wait the 4 days, OR, do method “A” after 2nd clarification then wait the 4 days and do a third clarification?
    Or am I missing something intrinsic ?
    Thanks very much


    Sorry skymouse i don’t have enough experience to help (i just used the excel recipe sheet instructions and ‘winged it’)

    I have a question though please.
    I added the Nick’s version of the supercharger recipe (10l version) to the excel “my recipes” section and i comes up with over 100 bittering units – this is a hell of a high and although the original supercharger is bitter i didn’t think outrageously – have i got it right or wrong please.

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