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    Hi Skymouse ~ have you got the big white funnel with the strainer in it? Once you have steeped the grains, pour these into the big funnel & then slowly pour the 80 deg. water all over the grains, this gets more of the sugars out to ferment. Are you using a brewmaster or BK10? I would do 1 clari, then method A with the hops, then a 2nd one if it is needed. I have just done one this way, its slightly cloudy but tastes great so unless you want your beer really clear I wouldn’t worry too much unless there is a lot of floaties in it. Anything more that about 80g dry hopped takes up most of the sediment bottle & I’m not sure how well the flavour gets through the brew. Another way would be to do a hop tea in a coffee plunger, even overnight in the fridge , strain then put the hop tea in the sedi bottle. Thats what I’m going to try with a large amount of hops next time. Anybody tried this ?


    I have done a hop tea in some tupperware and left it for a couple of days, then strained it and put it into the WW through the clarification dosing unit. There was about 500ml so I had to refill the the dosing unit a couple of times but it seemed to work fine. I did it after the beer had been through the clarification process.


    Hi Justin

    Over 100IBU’s is way out. I based the recipe above on the wagonbrewing clone and this was around 56IBU. As a comparison the Liberty Citra Double IPA is over 100IBU from memory.

    Maybe some of the timings or AA%’s have been entered in wrong?



    Thanks for that Brendos – Sean Toohey’s going to give me a call tonight, the alpha’s maybe are different – hadn’t thought of that.
    I have Simcoe @ 13.3%, Centennial @ 9.6 and Citra @ 14.7 % although that’s only in the boil for 1 minute and adds very little. According to my (probably butchered) recipe a 1 hour boil of 7g of Simcoe will add 31 IBU’s in a 10.85L wort……….
    I must have got something wrong……
    cheers – Justin

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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