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    Hi. Do any all grain brewers mind posting how they are getting on with cold trub in their WilliamsWarn? Are you leaving it in during fermentation and is clarification taking two steps as per normal or do you need a 3rd clearing?


    Hi Ayan

    I all grain brew in a 20lt Braumeister and for a long time struggled with the amount of break/trub I was getting in the WW.

    Over time my procedures have evolved into the following
    1. I use an immersion chiller
    2. I also use an external pump and Blichmann Hop Rocket
    3. I place a couple of SS pot scrubbers in the bottom of the HR and the add a “handful” of flowers and some pellets
    4. I use tap water in the IC to start with until I get the wort temperature down to about 40C
    5. During this time the wort in the BM is being circulated from the BM through the HR and back to the BM
    6 Once temp is down to approx. 40C I then start with a cheap pond pump in a bucket (30lt) of ice slush water as cold as I can get it (1 or 2 C) and pump this through the IC returning to the bucket until the wort temp reaches 20C
    7 I then whirlepool and then let the wort settle for 45 to 60 mins before pumping to the WW leaving as much of the break material behind in the BM as I can
    8. I then turn the WW on set to about 15C and let it sit for about an hour maybe 2 and let most of the cold break drop out into the sediment bottle
    9 Remove and empty the sediment bottle and depending on what brew is (Ale or Lager) allow the WW to reach desired yeast pitch temperature and then add yeast to the sediment bottle as normal
    10. To account for losses due to emptying the break at the start of the brew I generally target 25lts into the WW which following the initial cold break removal and subsequent yeast and clarification cycle removals I generally end up with 22 – 23 lts to consume
    Whilst the above is a bit of mucking around it does result in less trub/cold break in the WW
    Following the above I find I can get away with 1 or 2 clarifications

    Hope this is of some interest



    Thanks Wobbly.


    Hi Ayan

    Thinking about this a bit more what I posted works for me because I also use the Hop Rocket to infuse late hops as well as filter out some of the trub/cold break material

    An easier solution might be to ensure that you chill the wort down to close to 20C , whirlepool, let the wort stand for 45 to 60 mins and then transfer to the WW leaving as much of the trub behind as possible and then let it sit in the WW at your target fermentation temperature for about another 45 to 60 mins to let any trub/cold break transferred to the WW to settle out in the sediment bottle. Empty the sediment bottle and pitch your yeast



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