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    Sometime in the future we are hoping to have a dedicated online database for sharing recipes. In the meantime, this area in the forum under recipes has been created for you to talk about your own recipes and exchange them with others.

    All WilliamsWarn brewers should have received an email from Ian Williams with a .pdf file of Advanced Recipes & an Excel file with a tool to create your own recipes. If you did not receive this, please contact and we will send a copy to you.

    The Recipe Table system we have developed in the Excel file is the easiest way to create recipes with the correct beverage vital statistics. You can then use this forum to share what you have created with other brewers.

    The online recipe database that we will develop in the future, will be a more dedicated software tool for sharing recipes, but in the meantime this area in the forum will be a great stepping stone to connect WilliamsWarn brewers and their recipes.



    Hi Patrick,

    I received Ian’s Excel spreadsheet and have taken a look at it but not tried to use it yet as I have my own Google spreadsheet, however I was wondering if I were to use it, how do I then share it on this forum?

    I am not sure it will cut and paste into here so well… I could attach screenshot image of it, but if everyone tried this method I think before long it could get a little messy!

    What is your thoughts regarding this?

    As for my own Google spreadsheet, as this is an online document I have the ability to share it with others, and even make it public (read only or writeable as well), so possibly something like this could be a solution for the time being?

    I’ll open up the spreadsheet (on a Macbook using LibreOffice) and try and copy in one of the existing recipes to see how it looks…




    quick update:
    Although I can open and read the spreadsheet on a Macbook using LibreOffice and save it as it’s own format, it would appear that I cannot navigate around the cells of the spreadsheet and therefore I cannot select anything to copy and paste…

    When I have time I’ll try a Windows machine also running LibreOffice

    Otherwise I suggest a shared Google spreadsheet as an initial starting point maybe?



    Hi Josh,

    The best option at this stage will be to use Ian’s advanced recipe spread sheet on excel take a screen shot of your recipe and post it under the corresponding recipe category e.g. lager, ale, cider etc.

    Let me know how you get on with using your advanced recipes on Mac




    Hi Josh,
    I think for us this is just an interim means to share recipes and the future online one is where we’ll have it in a better format for sharing. So at least if someone had the best recipe EVER they can just type it out like in any other forum or brew magazine.
    1.7kg LME
    1 kg DME
    Steep 100g Citra hops
    Steep 50g Chocolate Malt
    Ferment 4 days at 23’C with S-04.

    Not so convenient i know but people that win medals and things like that can easily do this and share with the masses.

    I’ll try copy/pasting our excel in 2 ways.
    Watch this space below






    So if you make a Recipe Table a jpeg file you can add it to a post as above to share it.
    Copy the excel recipe table, then open Power Point and chose paste special and chose “Picture (Enhanced Metafile)” and paste it into the slide.
    Then right click on the image and chose “Save as Picture” and name it and chose the jpeg option in “Save as File type” and chose a place to save it and click “Save”.
    Then below where you type this post chose “Upload Attachment” and browse to your file and chose it and it uploads nicely.
    If someone can suggest a way without having to go though Power Point then that’s even better.



    You can also go through a new email in Outlook rather than a power point file to make the table a jpeg. Then discard the email once its saved as a jpeg.



    Hi Ian and Patrick,

    That’s all good and I’m happy with writing out recipes in text for now, but was just wanting to check what was being asked.

    I’ll let you know if I have any luck with the Excel spreadsheet on this (the wife’s) Mac, or if it works better on Windows and LibreOffice…




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Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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