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    Hi there,
    has anyone made a mead in a brewkeg before? i am planning to make my next brew in my bk10 a sparkling dry mead.
    any suggestions on what yeast to use and original gravity to achieve a dry mead?
    i intend to serve it in one of my kegs at room temperature(21c) at British ale carbonation levels (1.1bar) and aging will be done in the same keg.
    i am wanting a full flavor dry mead, but i am unsure which yeast to use, alcohol % is not that critical but i don’t mind a high alcohol % but would prefer a lower alcohol % as i am a light weight drinker.
    i plan to use:
    Vipers bugloss honey from Ben wai Apiaries in Otematata
    yeast nutrients to keep the yeast happy
    yeast of some sort
    water from christchurch.
    and no other flavors, fruits or sugars at all as i want the flavor to be the honey with no sweetness is my plan.
    any suggestions would be great.



    I’m not a mead expert but Marty Finkel up North used to make mead in his BrewMaster.

    Our S-04 ale yeast with our yeast nutrient makes a good cider at 5%.. I’d assume it would make a good 5% mead and then settle down nicely like with our cider. However if you want to make a high alcohol % mead you may need a champagne yeast. Try our nutrient with that. It’s a mix of several things wine yeast need. I can’t guarantee the clarity as champagne yeast are probably not so flocculant like the S-04 but if that was important you could try using a finings like isinglass and dose that in.
    I reckon a sachet of S-04 and one sachet of our nutrient would probably make a mead up to 8% pretty easily in a BK10 so maybe give that a go first? It should clear by itself when cold and not need any agent. Our agent only work in beer anyway so don’t use our clarification agent for cider or mead as it won’t react since no barley proteins in the beverage.


    1.2 kg honey in a BK10 will start at 1.043 Original Gravity. Ferment to 1.009 and you’ll have 4.5% alcohol.
    Use S-04 and our nutrient sachet and it should get there in 4 days. Put the cooling on and 12 hours later the yest should be all settled. It will go drier if you leave it for more days. You can taste the mead as you go and cool once its about right. We find 1.010 about right in cider, not too sweet not too dry. 1.005 would be drier and be 4.95% alcohol.


    Thanks for that, i will give it a go.
    its been a long time since i brewed a mead in my old brew gear( which now lives at the local recycle centre) and i couldn’t remember the yeast i used for that. but the last mead i did was a “meadium” and i bottled it and six months later it turned out dry and with bubbles lightly like a British ale and i thought that was the bees knees. the carbonation was not planed at the time but turned out to be great.


    Hi ~ Suds here, dont know where the hell messages have gone now. Will be at Ote over easter if you happen to be there. Will check at the honey shop!! Cheers Suds


    I gave it a go, and i found it a little weak in flavor. i am trying a 14% brew with a wine yeast.

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