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    Hi there,

    I currently live in Nelson (NZ) but very soon (in early June) will be arriving once again on to the fair shores of the motherland, AKA the UK.

    I intend to ship over my WilliamsWarn with all the kid’s toys and wife’s shoes etc, so hopefully before the end of the UK Summer (if there is one this year) it will arrive in one piece and it can be reunited with it’s master.

    So if you are a WilliamsWarn owner in the UK I’d be very happy to hear from you and possibly arrange a time and place to meet up at some time. Initially we will be landing and setting ourselves up in the North East of England (near Newcastle) but this will probably not be our permanent home.



    Hi Josh, I’ve just emailed you and a few others around the UK. So hopefully we can hook you all up. Patrick


    Why wouldn’t Newcastle be your permanent home???

    It’s all central heatin’ an’ shardonnaaay doon sooth man!


    ha ha yess…. I’m kinda glad my wife doesn’t speak like that even though she is a Geordie 🙂

    maybe I can learn how to make a good Newcastle Brown Ale? actually no, I don’t think that’s possible…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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