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    Hi all. In the last few months, I have experimented with wine kits and i can say that WW is also a great machine for wine. I have made 2 Pinot Noir and currently have a Pinot Gris. The kits I used are Vintners Reserve and in each case, the result have been outstanding. Following the kits instructions for start of fermentation (24 C) which started in about 6 hours and after about 10 days I had the SG down to 996.

    Dropped the cooling down to (1 C) and once it was reached, used the kits clarifier. I do not remove the settlement bottle, leave it on. Closed the valve, drop the pressure and blow in the clarifier. Repeat until you have it all in. Open valve when completed. I do not add the preservatives.

    Once gas is back on line, re-open the valve. Yes the wine will be sparkling, because of the fermentation process and we wanted a sparkling wine.

    Give it time to clarify and it will take 2-3 weeks before it becomes obvious. It is quite drinkable for taste after a few days, but it will take time to clear (1 month) or longer if you can wait.

    I bottle with standard beer equipment using caps. Results are very good and the wine gets better with time. 3 – 6 months for improved results.

    Note: I have found that the WW system greatly shortens the brewing process, mainly due to the closed process system, ie not racking etc, constant temp and overall just a really cool piece of equipment.

    If you have been thinking about trying wine, take a gamble. You might be surprised by the results.

    Kit Costs $90 – $150, make sure they are 23L kits. $2.50 per 500mL bottle.

    Cheers Dave


    That’s great. What is the clarifier that comes with the kit? It should be possible to speed that up with better yeast clarifier. Ian


    We made a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc kit (Eclipse) and it turned out very well. The fermentation went from 1.090 to 0.998 in a bit over a week; fermented at 0.2-bar. We de-gassed the wine before cold crashing and adding the finings and the wine was well cleared in 10-days – kept the pressure at 0.1-bar during the clarification step. We bottled in mid-May and the wine was good but a bit thin after the first couple of days. Currently (early August), the wine has greatly improved and wins blind taste tests against US$15/bottle New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’s. The very low carbonation is barely visible when pouring the wine and completely dissipates in a couple of minutes. We plan on moving it into the chiller in mid-November for consumption. The WW system makes a very nice wine quickly (by home wine making standards) with minimal attention needed during the fermentation and clarification steps – added bonus: bottling is a snap!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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