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    Have you ever tried holding a fishing pole Darryl Strawberry Authentic Jersey , gun or camera and paddle your kayak a few yards? It is a very complicated effort. Try to fish, hunt, or photograph while paddling a kayak at the same time! You have to put something down to do the other!

    ?It was a fishing comedy on water.? I mused from afar. Jim was on the salt water flats flailing a seven foot kayak paddle. He was trying to hold onto an eight foot fishing pole while chasing a redfish through the mangroves. I thought to myself, ?He needs another hand to juggle that kayak paddle and hold his rod.?

    Paddle or fish? Paddle or shoot? This is the kayak fisherman?s dilemma!

    All kayak fishermen and sportsmen have experienced the difficulty of paddling your kayak and holding your fishing rod. No matter how you ?fore arm wrestle? or ?cross body flail? that seven foot kayak paddle Keith Hernandez Authentic Jersey , it still requires two hands.

    The question baffling the kayak fishing community is how do you hold onto your eight foot fishing rod with one hand and stealthily paddle your kayak with the other?

    ?It became readily apparent that kayak fishermen and sportsmen did not realize there was a hand paddle being developed to make their next fishing experience more rewarding!?

    This is when the Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle concept was born.

    Kayak fishing hand paddles are the straightforward solution to the kayak angler and sportsmen?s dilemma. Yes, you can paddle and fish!

    Below are the TOP TEN reasons why you need a Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle:

    Reason #1. CATCH MORE FISH?that would be way too easy to put at #1!

    Let?s list the TOP TEN reasons HOW the kayak fishing hand paddles will help you catch more fish and make your next kayak fishing expedition more rewarding.

    1.Simple, one handed paddle operation. Stow away that 7 foot kayak paddle.

    2.Keep fishing. Never put down your fishing pole.

    3.Stealthy paddling. No flailing an awkward kayak paddle to scare away fish.

    4.Short distance mobility. Why use a 7 foot kayak paddle to move a few yards?

    5.Open water drift control. Steer & control drift with the fishing hand paddles.

    6.Retrieving lines. Reach out and grab those mono filament and braided lines.

    7.Grabbing onto structures. Use the hook to pull, attach Jay Bruce Jersey , snatch, & drag anything.

    8.Pushing off obstacles. Use the teeth for positive purchase while shoving off.

    9.Small and lightweight. Weighing between 6 7 ounces vs. a 2?3 lb kayak paddle.

    10.Backup emergency paddle. For who knows when?

    ?Having that kayak fishing hand paddle at my side and readily available was the difference between just good ole time fishing and an awesome kayak fishing experience!?

    It works great for the kayak fishermen, sportsmen, photographers and enthusiasts who need an extra hand while practicing their paddle sport.

    It is truly amazing how having that one paddle Yoenis Cespedes Jersey , a kayak fishing hand paddle, has made all the difference in stealthily moving your kayak without spooking your prey! Who would of thought?

    Paddle one handed, chase stealthily?keep fishing! Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles!

    US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a previously undisclosed conversation during a dinner for G20 leaders at a summit earlier this month in Germany, a White House official said.

    The two leaders held a formal two-hour bilateral meeting on July 7 in which Trump later said Putin denied allegations that he directed efforts to meddle in the 2016 US presidential election.

    Trump’s interactions with the Russian leader were scrutinized closely because of those allegations Jacob deGrom Jersey , which have dominated his first six months in the White House, and Trump’s comments as a presidential candidate praising the former KGB spy.

    Trump and Putin first met at the G20 during a gathering of other leaders, which was shown in a video.

    They later held the bilateral meeting, which was attended briefly by a pool of reporters.

    In the evening Noah Syndergaard Jersey , both men attended a dinner with G20 leaders.- Putin was seated next to US first lady Melania Trump.

    The US president went over to them at the conclusion of the dinner and visited with Putin, the official said.

    That conversation had not been previously disclosed.

    “There was no ‘second -meeting’ between President Trump and President Putin, just a brief conversation at the end of a dinner. The -insinuation that the White House has tried to ‘hide’ a second meeting is false, -malicious and absurd Michael Conforto Jersey ,” the official said.

    In a tweet late on Tuesday, Trump said, “Fake News story of secret dinner with Putin is ‘sick.’ All G20 leaders, and spouses Asdrubal Cabrera Jersey , were invited by the Chancellor of Germany.”

    News of the conversation, first reported by Ian Bremmer, the president of political risk consultancy Eurasia Group, could raise renewed concern as Congress and a special counsel investigate allegations by US intelligence agencies that -Russia interfered to help Trump David Wright Jersey , a -Republican, win the presidential election.

    Trump says there was no collusion and Russia denies interference in the election.

    Bremmer said Trump got up from his seat halfway through dinner and spent about an hour talking “privately and animatedly” with Putin, “joined only by Putin’s own translator.”

    The lack of a US translator raised eyebrows among other leaders at the dinner, said Bremmer Mike Piazza Jersey , who called it a “breach of national security protocol.”

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