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Author: Dave Huzziff     2 months ago

Hi Thanks very much I will pay more attention on my next brew I have checked for leaks and I couldnt find any so I will check my VPR Cheers Sharon

Author: Sharon Macdonald     2 months ago

Putting on weeds to kill them, ha ha

Author: Dave Huzziff     3 months ago

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Author: ozozolinajulia     6 months ago

I added a bottle of Barkers Blackcurrant juice to my apple cider. Delicious!

Author: GrantyB     6 months ago

Does anyone tried cannabis chocolate stout? cannabis butter/oil is very popular right now. I read that Medical marijuana is a very old medicinal herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat a great variety of ailments. Cannabinoids, have been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anxiety reducing properties that have helped […]

Author: pauleengland911     7 months ago

Try one of those: Wouldn’t know how to do all those beer-line-cleaning jobs… and so much fun to work with. Not to mention, carbonating all those bottles of tap-water… delicious. And filling the odd bottle of beer/cider to take away… marvellous.

Author: Nolan     7 months ago

Looks like you are doing nearly everything correctly, and have already found all your solutions ? Increase your keg-carbonation-levels slightly to about 1.2 bar / 15 PSI. Keep everything, including the bottles, as cold as possible, and you’re ready to go.

Author: Nolan     7 months ago

Hi, I didn’t see water mentioned in the thread. When I’ve had problems with metallic flavors, it’s been my water. Either iron or (less obviously and more likely) chorine/chloramine seems to create a metallic flavor. I now filter all water used with a carbon filter and also add a small amount of sodium (or potassium) […]

Author: tlaffey     8 months ago

Are you using just another WW Kit of Dutch Pilsner ? Or anything else ? Only just bitter ? Or any other off flavours ? Did you do a proper cleaning ?

Author: Nolan     8 months ago

What is this I don’t know ?

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Hi guys I put my first brew down and am at the clarification stage. I ensured gas pressure was set higher than keg pressure but when I connected the gas the agent did not transfer. The cylinder however was pressurised and when I pushed the release valve on the black connection plug no liquid came […]

Author: frans     10 months ago